Some educational apps which are available on Google Play.

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Wonder Social Welfare Website

Wonder Social Welfare

Wonder Social Welfare is one of the largest non-profit international charity organizations in the world which is founded in 2005 by Abdul Mateen Mustafvi.

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Sanabel Ltd website

Sanabel Ltd

Sanabel Ltd is a Pakistani but multi-national revolutionist publishing media company which is providing the knowledge-based apps, books and videos to around the world.

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Kamalat e Sulemani website

Kamalat e Sulemani

kamalat e Sulemani is the historical rare and real occult educational project which is providing all the secrets about spirituality and occultism as publicly.

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Know about a young Astrologer, Homeo Physician, Reiki Practitioner and Web Developer.

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All the ways to learn more about Health and Spirituality with Zeeshan Baig.

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